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If you're a new user, it may be easiest to begin with some of our canned queries in the Quick Links section. For example, if you've just generated a route, you'll be able to find it be clicking on 'Examine last submitted route' or by clicking on 'Examine routes by submitter' and locating your submitter name.

For users more comfortable with querying databases, the Custom Filters section allows dynamic, extensible queries based on many of the data fields collected by the route generator program
For example, to view routes that neither start nor end in Canada, a user could query:
| Does not | Originate in | Country | CA | AND | +
| Does not | Terminate in | Country | CA |
Or, to browse routes ending in Toronto or Ottawa, a user could query:
| Does | Terminate in | City | Toronto | OR | +
| Does | Terminate in | City | Ottawa |
Note that, while the query is performed on the entire IXmaps database, due to computational and bandwidth limitations the server only returns the first 200 results. If you do not see the route you were looking for, it is best to add additional filter constraints (e.g. Submitter).


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User generated flags

Please flag routers you believe are shown in the wrong place. Flagged routers alert other users to possible inaccuracies and can be eliminated from traceroute mapping so what you see is more reliable (See Explore>Map options>Exclude routers>User-flagged). Flagging routers will also help us to re-locate them more accurately, especially if you can provide us with good clues as to their correct position. We periodically review the database and review flagged routes for correction.

We appreciate helpful details, but all fields are optional.


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