Linux Installation

To begin, download the software package for TrGen. At the moment, .deb and .rpm installation files are not available, but these instructions should be straightforward and easy to follow. This download link has been tested on current Debian-based distributions (Debian 6; Ubuntu 11.10; and Linux Mint 11). In order to install it, extract the contents of the compressed folder to a location on your computer (downloads, for example). Next, open a terminal window and type:
cd /home/your username/Downloads/usr/local/bin
Make sure to replace your username with your actual username. Enter ls and you should see two files: tr-sub and wmtrcmd. Enter the following command:
sudo mv tr-sub /usr/local/bin
Enter the same command, replacing tr-sub with wmtrcmd. Type in cd and press enter to clear your location. Type:
cd /usr/local/bin
Follow this by pressing ls and enter. You should now see tr-sub and wmtrcmd (and probably some other files and directories). Now, type:
chmod 755 wmtrcmd
Press enter, then type:
gksu tr-sub
and press enter. This will launch the Linux version of the software, and you will be able to write your own traceroutes to the IXmaps database. If you choose to make a desktop or menu launcher, make sure to enter gksu in the command section, so that your launch command looks like
gksu /usr/local/bin/tr-sub