NSA Listening Posts

Description: The U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) warrantless surveillance controversy was brought to light by former AT&T technician Mark Klein. Klein claims that several internet service providers (ISPs) in the United States have allowed the NSA to install devices which mirror all traffic passing through selected routers. This copied data is then inspected by Narus computers and routed back to NSA headquarters. Klein has described in detail a 'secret spy room" at 611 Folsom St. in San Francisco - Room 641A - and knows of other such rooms in Los Angeles, San Diego, Seattle, San Jose and Atlanta (see his book Wiring Up The Big Brother Machine... And Fighting It, p.98). The NSA is strongly suspected of having installed a total of 15-20 similar spy rooms at major internet exchange points across the country (e.g Chicago, New York). View a map of these suspected NSA splitter locations.

Thanks to former AT&T technical Mark Klein, the best documented NSA eavesdropping site is at 611 Folsom Street, San Francisco, CA. View a map of a traceroute from a home in Toronto to the San Francisco Art Institute that passes through AT&T's internet switching facility at 611 Folsom (TR#1859). Note that this traceroute also goes through Chicago, another suspected site of NSA eavesdropping.

id origin destination description
1859 Toronto, ON San Francisco Art Institute (sfai.edu) This route passes through a known NSA listening post at 611 Folsom st. in San Francisco
1751 Austin, TX San Francisco Law Library (sflawlib.ci.sf.ca.us) This route passes through a suspected NSA listening post location in Los Angeles (as well as San Francisco)
1842 Cambridge, ON University of Washington (washington.edu) This route passes through a suspected NSA listening post in Seattle. It also passes through a location in Chicago that is suspected of having an NSA listening post
3445 New York, NY CNet (cnet.com) This route passes through a suspected NSA listening post in Atlanta