Canadian Network Sovereignty
("Boomerang Routes")

Description: due to current technical, economic and policy choices made principally by private corporations, Canadian internet traffic is often routed through the US. Thus, packets originating in Ottawa and terminating in Winnipeg may pass through routers in New York and Chicago before reaching their destination. This is sometimes referred to as a "boomerang route," and frequently occurs despite the fact that the route is longer through the US than through Canada. These boomerang routes have also prompted concerns regarding Canadian network sovereignty, where Canadian packets passing through routers in the US may be subject to unknown types of inspection or filtering.

id origin destination description
4168 Toronto, ON Hockey Hall of Fame ( This route's origin and destination are both in Toronto, yet it passes through the US.
1827 Cambridge, ON University of Toronto ( This route boomerangs from Kitchener to Chicago to Toronto
1486 Abbotsford, BC Dalhousie University ( This route begins on the West coast of Canada and ends on the East coast, yet the majority of the routing is through the US
1474 Abbotsford, BC Lakehead University ( This route begins in British Columbia and ends in Canada, yet is routed through San Jose, San Francisco, Kansas City and Chicago
6896 Toronto, ON Ontario Student Assistance Program ( While the origin and destination of this route are in Toronto, it also traverses New York and Chicago
6163 Toronto, ON Ontario Government ( Traffic to this important Canadian site can be routed through New York and Chicago, depending on the particularities of peering agreements
6904 Toronto, ON Health Canada ( This route boomerangs from Toronto to New York and then to Montreal before heading towards Ottawa